Make It a Series: How to Leverage Video Content Throughout the Customer Journey

Learn how using more than one video can help you earn more sales.

You know how powerful video can be, but do you know how to use it effectively throughout the customer journey? One video alone may not reach your audience at all the crucial marketing touch points, so we’re helping you optimize your video strategy no matter what your goal is.

We’re partnering with SproutVideo to show you why series content is so much stronger than a standalone video. From attracting the right visitors to nurturing a sale, learn how to use video as part of a series to drive better results.

What to Expect

How to Create High-Quality Content About the Customer Journey We break down every step of the customer journey, including attracting, engaging, nurturing, and delighting.
How to Build Strong Relationships Types of Videos Find out what types of videos work best at each stage of the customer’s journey and how to create the perfect one.
How to Engage with Your Audience Strategy and Techniques Learn why multiple videos can help you convert more sales and how to build the perfect video series strategy.
How to Excel in Customer Service Tips and Examples Tie your series together with video tips and see some of our favorite video series examples.

Our Speakers

Courtney Purchon
Courtney Purchon CMO and COO
Chloe Romero
Chloe Romero Social Content Strategist

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