How to Spend Your
2021 Marketing Budget

Learn how much you should be setting aside for marketing, which marketing tactics your budget should include, and how to prioritize spending according to your specific goals.

As we enter 2021, many marketers are at a loss for how to approach the unpredictable new year with an updated marketing strategy. Many companies abandoned 2020’s plan as early as March, so you may be hoping for a plan you can actually stick to in 2021, even if the business landscape remains challenging. If the idea of pulling up a budgeting spreadsheet for the next twelve months fills you with dread, you’re not alone—but we’re here to help.

In this eBook, we’ll simplify the budgeting process with comprehensive information, real-world examples, and easy-to-understand graphics. Plus, we’ll cover the whole budgeting process from start to finish. We’ll begin with an explanation of how to set the right budget amount in the first place, then dive into a breakdown of the specific marketing tactics you might use and which ones to prioritize according to your goals. And don’t worry—our suggestions are specific to 2021, because we know the upcoming year isn’t as predictable as usual.

Whether you’re making tiny tweaks to an existing budget or starting completely from scratch, you’ll have everything you need to develop a successful plan in no time.

Learn how to:

  • Set aside the right amount for your marketing budget
  • Evaluate the success of your existing marketing tactics
  • Allocate your marketing funds to the subcategories that make sense for your business
  • Consider changing trends in 2021 to stay ahead of the curve with your spending
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